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3 major factors

Humans, Processes and Technology are the three linked factors determining the success of operations of media companies.

Technical direction deals with technology, human ressources department deals with human beings but it is quite uncommon that audio-visual professionals really manage theirs processes.

As in any domain, media companies are looking for performance improvement.

Business Processes Management is a management method allowing making such improvements a permanent practice.

Pacmind proposes to media companies some unique solutions to set up such method. As business change with media digitization, new architectures and new business models, they enable progress with risk mitigation.

Pacmind solutions include methods, tools and services to answer media companies' requests for performances improvement. All projects can benefit from resources that already proved their efficiency in other domains (ERP, bank, finance, etc.).

Solution for Total Quality Control implementation.
Methods and software to audit, design, analyse, publish and improve operational procedures. And, also track incidents and improvements.

Solution for processes improvement and automatization.
Transform business workflows using methods and software for audit, modelling, study, optimization, definition of methods and architectures and operational procedures publication.

Solution for media management systems implementation based on users requirements.
Methods and software to define, implement, test, train and use digital media management systems.