New projects

Any time an organisation needs to kick-off a new project or large-scale installation, there are significant risks. By using System View, complex efforts can quickly be identified, managed separately by each expert, and then seamlessly integrated back into the broader effort. Because of the hierarchical approach to system development and workflows, System View is the ideal tool to:

  • formalize each project and develop system requirements
  • develop reference information captured at all stages of the project
  • create system scope and project the rationale for project budgets, and
  • facilitate the deployment, test and training of new workflows.

Additionally, by using System View for internal and external audiences, it is the perfect aid for suppliers to propose solutions corresponding to a company's actual needs.  This dramatically decreases time to negotiate appropriate solutions as well as increases the success for an on-time, on-budget projects.

Structuring your activity with System View enables project success and prepares the organisation for permanent improvements.