Implementing media management systems

Methods and software to define, implement, test, train and use digital media management systems.

Installations of new systems and therefore the deployment of new technology are complex projects. They create situations where a lot of experts from various companies must collaborate. The challenge consists in having them working together and in the same direction, with the same understanding of the needs to satisfy.

Difficulties and obstacles

Deloitte study 1999

Most difficulties and obstacles for changes and projects come from processes and people. Technological problems are marginal.

Communication is difficult because each expert has usually his own partial view of projects. Some experts are in charge of technology, others take care of human resources, and others look after operations. Putting in place a process approach allows moving forward a project without dark holes.

Our solutions spread their advantages beyond projects. When a new system is set up, collecting feedback from users and systems eases decisions for managers thanks to a global and clear view of situations. The same way, forwarding controlled information to providers creates a mutually advantageous relationship. Support from providers is really improved and the quality of their future products increases.