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System View Portal

System View Portal is an enterprise portal dedicated to processes. It houses models created by experts and distributes information to all users according to their rights. So, each employee can access to the information he needs and is not overwhelmed with useless data.

The portal is accessible by every user and at any instant. It is more efficient for self-training and to inform operators, partners and providers. During project, it facilitates projects reviews, keeping track of what is done.

Moreover, System View Portal allows operators to log incidents happening during operations. That way, it helps managers and providers to act with appropriate information.

System View Portal uses a SSL technology for the security of the data transmission. It can be installed at customer site, hosted by one of their providers or at Pacmind. Access is always via a simple Internet browser.

System View Portal

Main functions:

  • Models publishing (processes, procedures and instructions) to all staff
  • Management of the users rights according to users roles
  • Management of the publishing periods
  • Review of models during projects with logs
  • Capture and management of operational incidents reports
  • Secure data transfer (SSL)