Define technological project

Definition is key

When the project definition stage is not correctly done, problems are managed as they appear.

Budgets change permanently. Pain and frustration are quite permanent. Success is impossible. Sometimes projects are even stopped by senior management as they can't anymore appreciate projects borders.

Technological projects aim at implementing a new system. Nowadays, for media companies, it is often about transiting to digital. It is always a complex project. Their definition is a critical phase. It must be carried out with method in order to define a complete plan and to determine a budget.

At this point, Pacmind uses its own adaptable method and tools facilitating plans as well as documents creation and publication.

Customers' experts and leaders always participate actively to this phase. Their vision and their enthusiasm are required. Managers are also involved. They participate to projects reviews. Together, we create realistic plans that can be really deployed with limited risks.

A good project definition assumes that all its aspects are managed and documents are created:

  • Description of future processes, future human organization and future system.
  • Obstacles analysis for project implementation with actions to carry on for failures and risks limitation.
  • Project planning with subprojects and teams definitions with associated responsibilities.
  • Budgets.
  • Projected balance sheet comparing expenses and all benefits.