Define operating procedures

For a global improvement

The definition of operating procedures enables each user knowing its environment and understanding its responsibilities. It's crucial to improve the quality of productions, staff motivation and teams performances.

Defining operating procedures is a "MUST" for all organizations and especially for rich media companies. This is not about regulating the artistic side of tasks but only the systematic side of operations which could ultimately be automated.

As for most missions, Pacmind assists customers' teams accomplishing procedures definition. It is the best way to limit risks and have users accepting procedures and applying them.

Of course, Pacmind experts participate actively in this task. They bring an outside view and their knowledge of the best practices of the domain.

Pacmind goes beyond other consultants by delivering all procedures in a repository which can be easily updated when procedures evolve. It is accessed through a portal enabling also feed back from operations. That way, operating procedures still reveal their value long time after the end of our missions.