Implement changes

Definition is key

Change implementation can reasonably be done only when project definition has correctly be fulfilled. For a badly defined project, it's an impossible mission. When a project is not defined, it is imperative to do so. Without precise definition, a project can not be declared successful, or even ended.

Change management is crucial as most issues come from people not accepting changes. That's why Pacmind want to systematically include change management in projects. Projects are managed under the ownership of customers' staff. Pacmind experts participate in all activities and work to facilitate and synchronize them. But customers' staff remains accountable for them.

Subprojects and associated teams receive permanent help and support from our experts as they take care of systems definition, integration, operating procedures definition, training, operational tests, etc. Other external experts from Pacmind experts network are included in projects as required. That way, each team benefits from internal and external competences to guarantee the best possible result.

A network of experts

Pacmind created strong relationships with experts who can step in projects when specific competences are requested.

Projects teams are deployed according to initial plans. They work in parallel streams when possible. Each team measures its tasks progresses and provides reports on a regular basis for senior management making decision and communicating about project progression to all staff.