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went out of business after 30 months activity. Early 2008, the 3 owners assessed their cash issue as not solvable in the short term.
"Business Process Management" methods and tools remain needs that media companies have. This web site is maintained active to help professionnals to evolve using such methods and tools.

As Pacmind no longer exists, services and software proposed below are no longer available from this company. Please require them of your prefered provider.

Pacmind supports your creation and change projects.

Pacmind, leader of media processes commits supporting media companies as they create, transform and improve their operations of media creation, production, management and publishing.

We help our customers reaching a high level of performance in their projects and daily operations. Combining our services, our methods and our software applications, our customers can now reach excellence in their projects and operations.

Our team is specialized in media processing and management. We use appropriate methods and tools enabling concrete and quick results.

Digital technology and dematerialized media

Digital technology enables dematerializing media, replacing classical tapes by digital files. For professionals of media industry, it is a tremendous opportunity for significant performance improvement. Banks and insurances already benefit from the same opportunity when money dematerialized years ago. They improved profitability, using new technology and starting with methods and tools that proved their efficiency.

Pacmind offers to audio-visual professionals the same type of methods and tools with adaptations to media industry specific needs. That way, they can also benefit from new technologies and huge opportunities of development coming with media digitization and new media (like IPTV, Web TV, mobile TV, interactive TV, etc).